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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Goldberg$Osbourne The injury lawyers.
They deal with the same wormy adjusters daily, they all know each other very well. First name basis and " hows the kids and new dog?" well. I sat right in front of the G & O lawyerette while she chatted up the Allscrew adjuster.
Shortly after we were hit, my wife while trying to contact Allstate online found an anti-allstate site. We got an eyeopening education regarding the insurance industry. Every dirty trick the site warned of was pulled by Gallstate. I used to think that this kind of criminal activity couldn't possibly happen in America. Years ago, when I heard others complaining about their insurance I would tune them out, writing them off as a nut. Now I'm one of those nuts.
The people that put up the site were run into the ground by ballstate's lawyers before they put their story out there. After years of fighting in courts they were broke, exhausted and disgusted. Then screwall sued them to remove the site. Maybe its been mirrored somewhere.
When justice is outlawed only outlaws will get justice.
I like the cute euphemism "adjuster". What is THEIR job?
Check out "red lining" as it applies to insurance. Check out the few times insurance companies have been CONVICTED of racketeering.
The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.

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