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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Originally Posted by Weedylot View Post
We were hit by an Allstate insured driver, he ran a stop sign in his Town Car and broadsided us in our 200SX. To keep it short we were lied to, cheated, ripped off and our lawyer plays golf or swaps wives with the adjusters. Our story is just so unbelievable, I won't waste the space here.
Emphasis mine.

You chose this lawyer? Or picked him on the advice of Allstate?

The insurers do this as part of a valid business plan. You are expected to have an attorney of your own choosing. Insurance companies count on the apathy of the injured party to roll over and play dead.

It's like disability benefits. You apply. SS denies. Automatically. You appeal. On the third appeal they approve.

You need a tough, smart lawyer. An Arm & Hammer.

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