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Default Re: Mechanical speedometer

I've had one on the 66 build a couple of years now- but I ride the other one more-

I don't ever really look at it much now and thinking of taking it off- maybe put it on the other bike just to see the speeds- it's nice to see the mileage too-

If I had someone to follow me- I'd see how accurate it is- but I don't think it's far off-

I get up to 25 with ease, and a good steady cruise at 30- I've taken it to 35 and the motor is screaming more than I'd like it- Micargi cruiser with 27 x 1 1/4 wheels and a 34 sprocket- billet intake, Speed carb- nothing fancy

There's 242 miles on it now- but i may be riding the other one 10 times as much since
I Guestimate I'm cruising at 25 on the 50cc with the 39 sprock and 700c x 32mm tires

So anyway- the cheap analog hasn't exploded or anything and I think I found it for less than $15 shipped back then, but shopped around to find the low price
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