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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Mister 2Tcycles has it right. What other product are we forced to buy and are not protected from the seller? None. Here's my rant: The insurance industry is the nearly invisible hand that controls every inch of our lives. They (insurance companies under some guise like a consumer agency) give money to both candidates in ALL state and federal elections. After years of this they own the vast majority of lawmakers. We are screwed. We cannot fight back because the "paid for" lawmakers have passed laws to protect the insurance industry with phrases like "Tort reform" and other lies.
A short two stories.
We were hit by an Allstate insured driver, he ran a stop sign in his Town Car and broadsided us in our 200SX. To keep it short we were lied to, cheated, ripped off and our lawyer plays golf or swaps wives with the adjusters. Our story is just so unbelievable, I won't waste the space here.
On another episode, my wife had to have major surgery to save her life. Everything was "covered" in writing by her HMO. They waited until she was home, weak, tired, in great pain, before they denied to pay ANYTHING on her claim. The BS they put us through was deliberately timed to kick us while we were down. The details are too long here, suffice to say that on 9-11-2001 I literally was praying to Allah that a plane fly into the Allstate building in Chicago. The CEOs and other minions of Allstate and our HMO better keep a sharp eye on their loved ones. I have their childrens names and addresses. The rage I have has not subsided.
PS Google "Insurer fraud", Allstate has successfully sued one site and forced them down.
PPS: In a very few case in the courts found the insurance co guilty of bad faith, fraud and RACKETEERING, stealing millions of dollars. In one case the court imposed the maximum penalty, $50,000 !!! Why so little? The state law was created/changed to limit fines imposed on insurance companies, Hmmm, wonder how that law came into being?
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