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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Originally Posted by Mr.2Tcycles View Post
The state forcing me to ride on the street.......isn't that attempted murder? Making you pay money for fear of pain/punishment isn't that extortion? I'd drag 'em all to court if I had the money to spend on expensive lawyers. What hypocrisy.

No, it's not attempted murder. You're a vehicle, vehicles ride on the street.

No, it's not extortion. And they're not making you pay out of FEAR of punishment. The fee is your punishment. It's set up that way so as to discourage you from doing it again. I for one hate throwing money away.

The law is the law is the law. If you feel it's truly Unconstitutional, you can fight em all the way up. Otherwise - if you think it needs to be changed, start writing letters to all your legislative representatives: state, county, city, etc. Show up to City Council meetings. Heck, run for City Council. Just complaining about 'the man' on an internet forum does no good.

Like I said, check the law and make sure the ticket is valid (not like it matters since you already paid it - and paying a fine is ALWAYS an admission of guilt). If it's valid, admit you broke the law, you paid your fine, and get over it. Don't do it again, and if you're concerned about that law, do something about it. It's like complaining about getting a speeding ticket. Were you speeding? Yes? Then admit you were wrong and get over it.

The sidewalk is meant for pedestrians. Not bikes, and certainly not motored bikes. If you're concerned about traffic, have you considered changing your route to less busy streets? When you can only do 25-30mph, you'll be going just as fast in a 35 zone as you would in a 45 zone, except with less cars.

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