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Default reliable motorized bicycle for transportation

most of you know i left michigan to move to the virgin islands. in the states i had a huge garage. 2 six foot tall tool boxes with every imaginable tool. my first bike was an electric one. reliable but slow as a snail so i got me a 2 stroke kit and loved it. however like most of you each time i rode it i had to fix something but no big deal i had the place to work on it and a pickup to go get it when it broke down on the road. when i left the states i sold most everything except a small box of essential tools. here i dont have anywhere to work on the bikes except the porch and limited tools. i am not complaining i love it here and can ride every day. we only have one car here not 3 including a truck like in the states. the car is my wifes and i was using the motorized bicycle for my main transportation to work and most every where else. so i needed reliability. i bought the dax titan 4 stroke. i didnt have to store gas or mix it or anything else and that is the reason i purchased it. to be honest i was not even thinking reliability but concerned with i could not keep gas and oil and everything in the condo with out stinking the place up and having a heck of a fire hazard. i put over a 1,000 miles on the bike and never had a lick of problems except a few flats and i filled the tires with green slime and never had another one. the bike was stolen because i was to lazy to lock it and felt it was safe on my porch. a hard lesson learned. i have since purchased another titan and it should arrive here soon. i am excited as heck. here are a few things i like about the titan over the 2 stroke

..dont have to mix gas and oil
..can pull up to the gas pump and fill it vibration unless full throttle and even then not bad at 32 to 35 mph with no modifications (i think i get better speed here because at sea level)
..the motor is very quite.
..install is easy as heck. i put the kit together in less then an hour
..pedaling. this bike pedaled about the same with the motor on or off. i ran out of gas one time and had to pedal home and it did remarkably well. the 2 stroke killed me just to pedal to get it started
...and the biggest thing is reliability. talk to a few people that own them. they have 3 and 4,000 miles on them.

i am not doing an advertisement for dax this is my personal experience with the motor. why they last so long i have a few thoughts. number one is vibration. vibration loosens and destroys everything. as i said this motor has little vibration at all. i think it is like a lawnmower engine. all of us have 4 stroke lawn mowers that keep running year after year.
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