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Default Re: GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

Yes sir it does, but here it is nearly 5am and I'm still up just thinking away. I think I'm probably going to end up going with the Titan and a pocket bike far from what I've found, and what oscully tells me, it should work. But now I'm afraid I've made a gross miscalculation in my gear ratios in that I originally did not factor in the change from #25 chain on the input side of the jackshaft to #40 chain on the output side. Right now my calculator is just crunching the numbers using tooth count but a 10 tooth #25 sprocket is half the size of a 10 tooth #40 sprocket.

So now I'm off to make a thread about ratio help, but I think I'll hit the sack first and start fresh tomorrow.

Until next time...
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