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Default Re: GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

LOL Conrad! Does get draining, eh? Each option creates parameters that cause concerns that create "have to's" An enigma wrapped in questions surrounded by what if's.

I can't spell it close enough but there is a Japanese phrase pronounced "Shin dow goo" The literal translation means "Demented Machine" but denotes a device designed to make one's life easier but seems dedicated to the opposite.

For this build, I am planing to go clone, Grubee reduction gear, home made (flat stock with 4 U bolts) mount although you got me thinking Ocscully! and a thumb throttle on a Felt bike. Keep it simple and as home built as possible. So is a 4 stroke bike for around $700

Bike has steel frame and I really want to do a fancy inframe gas tank. , ayup, keeping it simple.

Side note; Ya know when some one comes up and asks "Did you make that?" I really want to say "yes" and not "it's a kit. You just bolt it on"
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