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Default Re: Stripped Screw Bolts, and a Solution...and then some...

OK, tried it again, turns out my technique was wrong. I was trying to let the tool do all the work, I found that I had to supply a bit of torque myself instead of just wacking it with a hammer.
All but two came loose, and that's because there was simply nothing for the bit to grab on to.
But the fortunate part is that the half where the screw bolts go in is not threaded, so I can drill off the bolt heads and I am home free!
(except of course that small pinion gear)

I got my impact driver from a Foley Belsaw small engine course I took about 23 years ago, first time I actually got use out of it, I greased it up with some lithium grease before I took on this task.

Thanks Man!
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