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Default Re: Huffberry disappointing

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
I have a Huffy Cranbrook with a SD Stinger motor in it. I stopped work on this bike to build the Black OX and just did finish up the Huffberry the other day. BTW this is the third 2 stroke build I have done and probably the last one. This bike and motor have about 10 miles on them. I really do not feel good about the way it runs and sounds. It is very loud and it sounds like the noise is coming from the clutch, the power seems down and it feels like it bogs on take off, it is hard to start and seems to want half choke to start up and won't start with full choke at all. I want to sell this bike and enjoy the OX but the way it runs I am concerned about selling it. The bike is uncomfortable for me but that has nothing to do with how it runs or sounds. More BTW once in a while the sound goes away and it sounds normal.
those china gurls are hit and miss..the quality just isn't there..try out a friction drive..i know they tear up tires but I would rather change a tire every few hundred miles instead of changing my engine every few hundred.
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