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Default someone sell me a engine that runs or gimme shelter

So after my crank bearings blew i took apart my engine and waited patiently for the money to rebuild it. During this time i ported and matched to crankcase. Then i decided to buy another motor from zingmulu in the meantime that didnt even run, i tinkered with it for weeks till i gave up then decided to go along with my rebuild i replaced bearings,seals.rings,crank,piston,bolts and gaskets. Got it on my bike today everything hooked up and sealed. Got spark, gas ( brake cleaner ) , and the wheel drags.
now when i bump it ,it makes a pathetic sound,i figured theres not enough compression or i put the wrong piston with cylinder but the ports open like they should . While doing this i stripped oneof my head bolts. Please offer advice because i need transportation,my only parent travels every weekand im too poor for anythings else.

But im never gonna give up

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