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Default Stripped Screw Bolts, and a Solution...and then some...

Well, nobody seems to be around to help me out with this major engine destruction (pics) and the questions I have asked in THIS THREAD
So I'll ask this question here.
I am having screw bolt problems, they are tight and soft as lead almost and they are stripping badly (how did they get them in without a scratch?!?!) and have a philips slot.
Want to replace those with allen bolts.

Anyway, I am going to my brothers place tomorrow, he has a drill press, seems to me that it would be better to drill these things out than to go out and buy 'easy outs' or whatever they are called.
I am expecting to have to tap them holes out to a larger size, should I go M10?

Can I take the halves off with the small gear still on?
If I strip my brothers gear puller as well, how else can I get the dang thing off, propane?
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