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Default Re: Huffberry disappointing

The gears on the right side, primary and the seconday are not the most precision cut gears. They are a source of noise. Very noisy ones, especially the ones with a 'whaa.whaa, whaa sound can usually be traced to the primary, small gear that is not spinning true. They are sometimes drilled off center and/or at an angle making the gear mesh tight then loose with the big gear.

If you suspect this and want to see how the gears run you can remove the spark plug, reattach it to the plug wire and ground it, disengage the clutch and spin the engine over with a large screwdriver bit in an electric or battery powered drill using the big slotted screw in the small gear. Spin it counter-clock-wise. That's its normal rotation.

Watch the primary gear and you might see it wobbling. That is a noise source. New gears are available but its a crap shoot getting a perfect one. Oddly enough the clutch or secondary gears are usually pretty concentric and run true. It's the small ones that cause the problems.
Good luck.

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