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First off, don't let anybody tell you that you can't have heavy spokes installed in your wheels, it's simply untrue ! I can install as large as #8 gauge spokes in bicycle wheels without any problems, and let me tell you, their tough, they come with a lifetime gaurantee, here's some info if your interested, The Wheelmaster, 37637 39th ave south, Auburn, WA 98001 253-927-0271 (my cell ) 253-380-8371
My favorite way of doing business is having you send me your existing wheel for me to re-spoke with your choice of #10 #9 or even #8 gauge spokes, the cost (not includeing shipping) is $190, for fastest turnaround box up your wheel and tape an envelope with a money order to the wheel, I'll have the wheel built up and shipped out that week, otherwise I can build the wheel and send you a picture of the completed project and you can then send a money order once your satisfied,
I haven't had a single wheel fail yet and don't forsee it happening, I've personally tested my prototypes and they can take everything you can dish out, (driving over it with your truck doesn't count, I'm talking about riding/jumping/thrashing,motorizing type abuse) so, there ya go, please ask any questions you like, I answer them gladly, I'll even debate with you about, lets just keep it civil and I'm game ! thanks !

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