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Default Re: GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

Originally Posted by conradcliff View Post
Thanks for the replies everyone! Didn't realize the grubee was a direct bolt on..still, with the clutch and housing it cost's a pretty penny. I have also talked with the guys at maxtorque and am still considering the outboard clutch on the jack shaft but now that I've ordered 5/8" shaft I'm afraid it's going to be a little weak with the clutch hanging off the end of it. I'm thinking I can keep my current setup pretty much intact if what ocscully said on my thread on the other forum is true, and that is that the pocket bike clutch will in fact mount up to the Titan.

The Honda with the clutch on a jack shaft is still tempting, but the price is much higher..I still have a little thinking to do.

let me try to clear something up here The part that I said would bolt up to the Titan is the Housing and its clutch bell. Not the clutch itself. The pocket bike clutch you linked to at the other forum is for a tapered shaft. I don't know if it will fit a Titan or not. But the Housing and clutch bell fill fit assuming that the clutch bell is 76/78mm dia. The Titan motor as sold by Dax includes is own clutch (shoe pack) but no clutch bell.


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