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Default Re: Blocked Spark Plug

Originally Posted by FractaL64 View Post
Again, I don't have a torque wrench, nor can I afford to buy one. I literally only have enough money for a tank of gas and oil hahaha.

So should I just try and do this by feel? Also I switched around the cylinder head, do I also need to torque them with a torque wrench or is it okay that i did it by feel then?
I understand you ain't got the money, but try to at least ask around to borrow a torque wrench (friend, family or neighbor). Try kindly asking a repair shop to torque it down. Explain your situation and maybe they'll do it for ya.

You can't afford not to torque it down because more than likely, you'll be back on the forum with more problems. If it isn't torqued right, your engine head may become warped, won't seal right and probably won't run right.

To me, you're just throwing your money away.

If you have to put the engine head back on without a torque wrench, tightening it in a criss-cross pattern. Tighten each nut a little at a time. Don't tighten one all the way and then tighten the next one all the way, etc.

Try and get a new plug wire.

Good Luck,

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