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Default Re: New Motorist in Arizona

Originally Posted by tmaxon View Post
My name is Tyler and I recently had a motor installed on a Micargi beach Cruiser. I had my first Moped when I was 12 and owned 2 before the age of 15 (One was actually an Indian). I bought my first Motorcycle when I was 16 and have enjoyed riding my entire life. I am 32 now and have always wanted to get a Moped again. I made the choice to install a motor on one of my beach cruisers and I couldn't be happier. I constantly find back ways and trails to explore and my friends and family get a good laugh when I show up after traveling several miles. I believe this hobby will become a true passion for me. I hope to get to know some other enthusiasts and learn some tips. I have had my bike for 3 months and I am already planning my own build.
Greetings and Welcome
always on the look out for a riding partner, hate riding alone!
and might I suggest a harbor freight 79cc and an ezmmotor tranny
for your next build. I'm building mine right now. while riding my 2 stroke

a lot of members are going that way
Save time
see it my way!

The greatest gift god gave man, is his ability to laugh at himself
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