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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

  • I put some gas in the tank I patched yesterday today to see if the leak was plugged, but eventually it dripped.
  • Swished out and emptied the tank (strained back into the can, got rid of the flecks of crap from the tank), then swished it out with rubbing alcohol to clear the residue.
  • Cleaned off the tank repair epoxy, cleaned the area thoroughly with dremel wire brushes and wiped off with rubbing alcohol to clean off any residue.
  • Mixed up a fresh chunk of the epoxy and worked it into place again. I probably didn't discard enough from the open end of the epoxy stick last time to get to the good stuff. The bit I worked with today was more pliable to start with, yesterdays chunk had to be worked for a lot longer to be useful. It'd be nice if that stuff didn't look and smell like something from the cat's box, though.
So, waiting for epoxy to set again before I can do much more with it.



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