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Default Re: bought cranberry 2 cycle 3 days ago/problems w/fuel

Originally Posted by chefkpo#1 View Post
purchased new cranberry with 2 cycle engine.had many issues first day..where I bought huffy bike the gas mix was jet black,smokin from tailpipe,developed other issues,gas leaks,petcock wouldn't shut off...went back after 3 days,guy charged me 40 for new petcock.owner told me to run 6oz oil to gal of gas and cut back to that bike is up and runnin I noticed metallic sound from lower gear case.owned Harley sportsters in past and you know how they sound,all mechanically flowing like melody...this 2 banger sounds metal against metal.first gas tank in had tad bit too much oil in my opinion and now 6oz to gal looks sure its still lubricating right?also whats up with this 2 cycle jumpin to 4 cycle ive been readin about..any help appreciated. man, take a read through this thread, and read the whole thing, i know it's kinda long but if you read it through you might decide to give Opti 2 a try, i know i'm glad i did.

100:1 Mix

...early in the thread you'll find that there are only 2 guys who had negative outcomes and those were both older bikes with many miles on them that had been run for their entire prior life with conventional, non-syntietic oil, ALL other negative comments came from those too convinced they already knew it all and so didn't actually try it, they were just convinced 100:1 wouldn't work. ...btw, both of the guys who reported negative outcomes with those older bikes are now using Opti 2 almost exclusively and both are very experienced and gifted builders, it was their experiences with Opti 2 that convinced me to try it.

...and if you decide to stick to more conventional oils everything i've read by these folks who ride these bikes says to never go richer than 24:1, and once broken in 40:1 is common. ...frankly, i'd trust the knowledge i've found here way more than some moron telling me '6:1'.

...with Opti 2 it's 100:1 so just 1.3 ounces of oil per gallon of fuel, personally, i love the stuff, ...but i'm still very new at this myself so i took a leap of faith in trying the Opti 2, it's just that every time i go for a ride the bike seems to run better, and i love that i don't trail a cloud of smoke and oil behind me, lol, no puddles of oil on the floor of my garage either.

peace, bozo
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