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Default Re: Blocked Spark Plug

Well, just make sure the nuts are reasonably tight, get rid of the acorn nuts for one thing (you did), and make sure the nuts are snug and that when you look at the cylinder/head junction ensure there are not uneven gaps, and when you fire it up if you notice oil coming out from anywhere you either blew a gasket or it's not tight enough (or both).
Tighten each nut, not too tight or loose and ensure each one is equally tight.

10 foot pounds is what I use, but my nuts have gone down to 2 foot pounds during break in with no leaks, so it's probably better to under tighten than over tighten which can break studs.

Try lifting a can of paint, or a gallon of some liquid, try using about that much force to tighten with. (Just an approximation)
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