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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What did I do with my motorized bicycle today? I left it at home and rode one of my pedal bikes, the single speed. It was a nice ride. When it's really hot though, I'd rather ride the motor bicycle for sure.

regarding sanding rims:
It might not make your brake pads last longer, but it will probably improve your braking power a lot! I sand all my wheels with sandpaper, to make grooved brake tracks and clean off all the paint. It gets rid of any notchy seams too.

Originally Posted by xseler View Post
I finally broke out the palm sander and removed all the paint from the front wheel surface that the brake pads rub on. I hope this will significantly extend my brake pad life.....

I also found a triangular shaped handlebar bag that will hold the necessary tools needed for emergency roadside repairs. The bag was in the clearance/damaged bin at a high dollar bike shop here in had no price tag on it. After several minutes of high level conferences amongst the staff, they decided that they'd sell it for $6. Sold.
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