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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Originally Posted by CalgarysFool View Post
Since they double-docked your bank account when paying on line, it would seem you have a basis to file a civil suit against the system.

You could really have some fun with this. You see, of course there is the money that you are out of pocket, but let's not forget that there are "additional costs" (fees!) to be considered.

And it wouldn't be outrageous to argue that the mistake reflected negligence. I understand one is entitled to "trebble damages" in many jurisdictions when there is negligence. Heck, if there is a programming error in the system, maybe it could be a class action lawsuit....
But I let my retaliation fantasy, on your behalf, run away with me.

Imagine the ruckus, though, when someone gets a summons to appear! I don' t have any idea who it would be, but someone has to be accountable.

Surely there is some telephone message system providing free legal guidance, or some book or pamphlet put out to help folks "DIY" when it comes to this stuff.

Raise ****, man! And have a ball doing it.
The state forcing me to ride on the street.......isn't that attempted murder? Making you pay money for fear of pain/punishment isn't that extortion? I'd drag 'em all to court if I had the money to spend on expensive lawyers. What hypocrisy.
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