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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Silverbear; Yes most definitely love bragging on how much gas she only uses, especially when guys ask at the gas station looking back at their huge trucks! LOL.. It does give smileage to the mileage!! LOL I used to as a little "Tom Girl" play in the mud, steal my brothers Transformers and cars, I HATED when my mom used to make me go down the street and play barbies with the other girls!! LOL.. Dont get me wrong I love my high heels and costume jewelry, but I love cars and working on things! This is the PERFECT hobby for me!! Finally a place I fit in, and because of all you guys accepting me! A lot of guys dont have the patience for women when learning things they dont know, I know quite a bit but not everything! ... I so have been looking at those carts! I really like the idea of them! That is so AW3SOME that you made one, and out of a canoe even!! How cool is that!! I do think it is cool that a lot of guys own motorcycles too on here and love these as well, I figured that guys with motorcycles in town when seeing me would laugh at me, but almost 100% of them have come over and talked with me asking questions and stating how cool or need it is! That was such an awesome feeling! And I definitely DONT think you are being a drag or anything I so agree with you, on the helmet situation!!!!! I ordered one (had too my head is small and couldnt find any to fit) I can fit in a kids helmet! Lol but didnt want Dora the explorer on it!! LOL.. So I found an x-small one for 20.00 on ebay that is black with flames, which is what I am going to do to my bike.. so it should be here soon I hope!!! Please dont think I thought bad about your suggestion or being grandpa the geezerman!!! Which I laughed at and thought was totally cute!! I agree!! Will post pics of it soon! Also the decals I have my eye on that I am going to order! thank you for your post!! It meant a lot!! You know now I am going to address you as Grandpa Geezerman instead of Silverbear!! ... HUFFYDAVIDSON: WOW that is one H*ll of a compliment!!!!! I SAY F-IN AYE!!! LOL!!!! thanks!!!! XSELER: I know right when I first joined I thought "oh I will maybe get one or two posts and the rest I am going to have to nudge my way in to get help or guys to help me or talk to me! I was wrong! You all are so nice to help and give great tips and EVERYTHING!! Wonderful forum, best thing I have ever done was to sign up!! Thanks!!!! ..... Also went out today aaaaannnd........ You guessed it looked at bicycles to start a second project!!! LOL I'M HOOKED!!!!!!!
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