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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

I love the cries for fighting the system.

On that ticket it should cite the law that was broken. Look it up to make sure it was valid. If there is a law that was preventing you from riding on the sidewalk (don't forget county and city), then too bad. As for the fees, you ought to be able to get a detailed description on each one, what it's for, and why it was assessed.

However, you already paid it which is basically an admission of guilt and an acceptance of the other fees. If you had an issue with it, you should've brought it up before paying the ticket.

As for getting double charged for paying online, there are a few ways that could've happened....accidentally clicking the 'submit' button twice for example. Call them, and you should have no issue getting the 2nd charge refunded. If they give you a hassle, call your bank. I seriously doubt it's 'the man' trying to beat you down.

It's just like breaking any other traffic law. You speed and get caught and get ticketed, acknowledge you made a mistake, pay your fines, and learn from your mistake. All 'the man' is doing is trying to give you some consequences for breaking the law so you won't do it again.

Just my $0.02.
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