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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Just think... by riding around and having fun you are being a kind of ambassador for motor bicycling and this forum. You're also spreading some cheer in a world that dearly needs it. I don't know about the girls, but as kids we boys liked to pretend our bikes had motors. Playing cards against the spokes helped the illusion or at the least making motor sounds in our throats. Ha! So this is a great way to be a kid again and re capture being 12 years old, speeding along on a bicycle... free at last. Be sure to tell those who ask about the bike the wee bit of gasoline you are using. Good mileage and even better 'smileage'. I will often be riding along and realize I am smiling as I ride. The fool on the hill.

The dog Aaniimoosh likes to ride, too Used to be she rode in a bicycle trailer which is also handy for groceries and such. Now her bike has a bigger motor and she rides in a sidecar I made from a canoe. My fun factor has gone up another notch. And sometimes I feel like an ambassador of goodwill when I ride along and see kids and big people, too, stop what they're doing and break into smiles and waves as we ride by. Made some people happy just by riding along making myself happy. How cool is that?

I find it interesting that many of the members here are also in to motorcycles. To think that often they pass on going for a ride on their "real" motorcycles and choose instead to ride a motor bicycle with pedals and a wee motor. ... yes, that's interesting, don't you think? So spread the good word.

I don't mean to be a drag and sound like your grandfather, but do consider wearing a helmet. Most of us here do. Just walking along and falling so that your head or face smacks into the concrete can do a world of hurt. The situation is much worse if you crash as some speed. We've had members here who have been hit by motorists and ended up in the hospital. It happens. Protect that pretty head, girl. Grandpa will be quiet now. Have fun, but stay safe!
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