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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Huffydavidson, I am not having any problems what so ever of that idler moving!! She is on there really tight and not budging I check it everytime before and after taking her for a ride! Next project I do, the only change I am making is a spring loaded tensioner! She is good! No need to drill anything! Thank god!! DODGE DUDE94; thank you and your right, I did gauge my spark plug and it really helped with the sound of the rougher sound while riding and changed out the plug to an NGK, sounds better but your right once dropped to 8mph or below she bogs, thats where I figured the gotta pedal or pull in the clutch goes! She is perfect, and riding VERY well!! Couldnt be happier!! SILVERBEAR; LMAO.. I could only imagine going in to buy nail polish and people looking at you confused! LOL But it is great stuff! I use it for craft projects, nails, touch up paints, and real turtle shells I collect, great stuff for all sorts of projects! Thank you also, I did figure out the low power of my bike! GEORGE N TEXAS; LOL!! I could only imagine saying something like that in Hobby Lobby!! Thats Hilarious!! No definitely not drilling in my bike! The idler is fine she fits on there tighter than ****, I check that thing and it has not moved even a milimeter!! No reason for it! I will definitely remember your tips on checking the intake with WD-40 that is a great tip!! TOADMUND; I am with you there! No holes in my frame either!! WILD BILL; Thank you! Some parts were a little frustrating, but it was fun to put together! All ready looking for my second build! LOL!! And yes Thank you, there are alot of idiots out there with no respect of motorcycle, motor bikes, scooters or anything in that family! People are always in a hurry to get some where or to CALL or TEXT someone!! Idiots!!! LOL Thanks again guys! I am having so much fun, I think showing her off more than riding her too!! LOL went to my gas station down by my house to get air in my tire, it was off a few lbs, and when I did I had 2 different guys walk up and ask about it, one even said "ok, tell me where I can get one" LOL I said "Well I didnt buy it like this, I built it" the guy looked down at it, looked back at me and said "Bullsh*t, are you kidding" so I went on to tell him that its a kit you buy and put on and hook up and build on your bike. He was amazed! Said he is going to check it out for himself, so I gave him this forums web address and said check this out you will be amazed!!! LOL , god I am having so much fun with this!! LOL
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