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Default Re: Hello, New Hobby or Headache?

Thanks for the reply's guys. I guess you got to live before you can learn when it comes to some things. Oh, well. I just hope we can come to some kind of reasonable agreement. I was clearly on the bad side of a shady deal anyhow. I still have a box in my garage with a motor in it and as I said all my safety gear and little extras are on the way still.

Oh, and Bozo. Thanks for the tear-down tips, I have read that also. I used to rebuild my dirt bike top-ends so that was going to be part of the fun for me is to tear her down and clean er' up nice inside before assembly.

Maniac - I considered almost every vendor possible and I first was thinking I didn't wan't to go all out for sure but I also didn't want the apparent increased risk with the wallet friendly bay auction. Then near buying time I started reading about EPA and importers no following regulations and I was almost always direct to one site claiming to be the "only" legal importer. I went with them and was burned.
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