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Default Re: Hello, New Hobby or Headache?

Originally Posted by LostHope View Post

PS - I will link to this or post, in my detailed one. After that I think my china girl adventure ended before it began.
...without knowing any details about your situation i submit to you that even if the worse case scenario occurs and you were either intentionally stiffed or you just got unlucky and ended up with a lemon, you don't have to let that be the end for you and the many hours of potential fun you stand to enjoy.

i mean lets face it, we're talking less than $200.00 for the kit, $60.00 less if you bought one of the $139.00 e-bay kits.

now that you're here and communicating you can actually ask for advice on where to get a replacement motor that runs and they can be had for about $100.00, heck, you could even get a brand new 4stroke at Home Depot or Lowes for not much more than a hundred, better yet, Harbor Frieght. don't give up man, these bikes are a real blast, ...just get back up on the horse bro or it'll be you who miss's out on all the fun.

peace, bozo
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