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Default Re: oil mixture on new motor break in? 80cc Chinese motor.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm not out for top/peak performance and speed either. I like to know that the bike will perform if I ask it but the 20 to 25mph range is where I get the most enjoyment. I'm also one of the weirdos who use a 100:1 ratio and I'm never bothered by oily residue from the exhaust or foulded spark plugs, both of which you can expect running an oil rich mix.

...i want to thank you personally for your posts in the '100:1' thread because your posts and some by a few others convinced me to go the Opti 2 route.

i've only put 73 miles on my new bike, a single speed Micargi Cheetah cruiser, AND i have no experience with other mix ratios so i can't speak to how much better it is over the more traditional mix's but i CAN say how much i love it.

like i said, i'm no where near broke in yet so i've still not ridden WOT but i took her out yesterday on a flat stretch of road and got her up to 33.86MPH with some room still left under the throttle, ...if she moves like this with a completely stock china girl i can't imagine how hot she'll be after i get her broken in and i tweak just the intake and exhaust!

...frankly, 33.86 is way faster than i want to be traveling anyway, at 58 i don't bounce as well as i used to back in the day.

so thanks man, that Opti stuff is the real deal.

peace, bozo

btw, what i did was to measure 1.3 ounces of the Opti and pour it into an old amber pill bottle, then i just sharpied a line around the bottle so mixing now is easy peasy lemon squeazy, lol.
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