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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

[QUOTE=bigbutterbean;480060]Wanted to insulate my exhaust pipe because it burned a hole in my pants leg the other day. So I go to Auto Zone, the only exhaust wrap they have is a 20ft roll for $50. Way too much.

Last week I had to buy a roll for my wifes car her flex pipe developed a hole "How dare that curb get in her way" well I bought this stuff they use on motorcycle headers from Advanced Auto called "DEI Header Wrap" or you can simply ask for Item # 010121 Its the same number in every Advanced Auto store "kinda nice touch if you ask me My NGK plug is Item # 5111 Any way the wrap is a 15 foot roll for 15 dollars I did her exhaust and had plenty leftover for my pipe I haven't done my pipe yet but I did dry fit it . The stuff is made of titanium dust and fiberglass very heavy and sound deadening It worked wonders on her exhaust .
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