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Default Re: oil mixture on new motor break in? 80cc Chinese motor.

24 or even 32:1 will provide you with sufficient lubrication as long as the oil is a quality product formulated for use in a air cooled 2 stroke. I assure you. As for bearings; they don't really require a "break-in" period. Break in is primarily to allow the piston rings to seat to the cylinder walls properly. Even at 32:1 that will happen and maybe a little sooner with the reduced oil ratio.

I'm not out for top/peak performance and speed either. I like to know that the bike will perform if I ask it but the 20 to 25mph range is where I get the most enjoyment. I'm also one of the weirdos who use a 100:1 ratio and I'm never bothered by oily residue from the exhaust or foulded spark plugs, both of which you can expect running an oil rich mix.

My point being that I don't see the advantage of using excess oil and putting up with the drawbacks when it isn't necessary. Plus dealing with the reduced performance potential, even if you don't need it.

As for "no such thing as too much oil" lol, try a 50/50 mix and see how your engine runs. One advantage is that it will never wear out or break down.

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