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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

BBB's thought do seem to fit the crime.

I live in the poor section of my town on the downlow. I plan to return to junior college soon @52 and I simply find spending little for living expenses to be in line with paying for school so I will be staying where I am but I did get heavy chain that will take effort with hacksaw or something like that to cut through now.
If it was designed to upset me for some reason then it had the opposite effect.
I turned on my "neighbours" who have a lot of visitors day and night 7 days a week and said no more drug dealing. I then asked people who were coming and going if they were here to buy drugs and told them this place is now not cool and I am the biggest rat-snitch they ever have seen.

Normally I live and let live but when they take my "motorized bicycle" it's my car and my job they took so I have to draw the line and choose which side I am on.

So, perhaps things will be safe now.

I also told my Brother and he paid for a Motor Scooter for me. Having two rides is better than one.

I will fix the motorized bicycle as I can afford to. Get it ready for the next 6,000 miles. It had 6,000+ on it at the time of it's theft.

One thing is sure I love my motorized bicycle! I never knew such joy.

Sometimes when I rode to work the sun would be coming up, the morning air fresh and crisp, the ducks flying over in formation on their way to some lake, all added up to a wonderful moment as I listened to the engine run perfectly for the 40 minute ride.
A perfect 40 minute ride to work was always a joy.

It will ride again!


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