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Default Re: GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

Just asking as I am working on a similar build. Why not just use a Gear Box Assembly? Not near as much fun to asemble rather then create from scratch, but less $. Truly, I am just asking and hoping to have a good reason to create a reduction gear of my own. Just can't justify the cost to myself.

How are you going to mount? I am thinking bent flat stock and 4 Ubolts.

Rode 4 stroke for the first time this summer at the East Coast Rally. 6 Wizzers and a Hua Sheng. (GX50 clone) Wow, what a difference!! Sound, comfort and vibration. There is no comparison. Although a 2 stroke or china girl is just plain better lookin'.

The Honda 50 clone could lap my 80cc (66) and I couldn't hear him coming up.
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