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Default Hello, New Hobby or Headache?

So far you guess...


I just want to inform others briefly of why I joined this forum and how I came to be here today.

I have seen these bikes being made a several years back when gas prices was really taking off for the first time and I thought it was a neat idea. It is a better alternative to those goofy looking little mopeds they sell nowadays, but at that time even being thrifty doesn't cut it and it was not an option. Now a few weeks ago I came across them again and it really re-sparked my interest in them as a hobby. I used to ride Motocross in the past but finances ruined that hobby as well. So i thought this would be a fun little way to get back on two wheels again and have a 2-stroke to tinker with.

I spent a lot of the past couple of weeks on this forum and vendor websites sorting out this mess of Chinese motors, who makes them, what different parts are in which, what other people like, their experiences, who sells them, and how honest or better dishonest(More on this later) the vendors who sell these things are. I researched EVERYTHING first before making a purchase, but no research accounts for the thoughts of a human business man. And most of all which vendors isn't asking too much for the kit and even has one in stock to sell to begin with.

Now just so you know I didn't go into this from the start with high expectations and I new that dealing with these types of businesses(Chinese Importers) online is VERY risky indeed. All it takes is someone to not answer the phone or email and they have walked off with your hard earned $, and unfortunately it seems that this is almost ubiquitous.

Which brings me to this: I am not joining this forum today for help/tips for putting my just arrived this past Saturday Skyhawk GT5 SR together, but joining instead to tell others about my experiences so far on this adventure. I may add more to this or my story may be short and not so sweet, I guess we will all know come Monday.

[Update] - Well its Monday, and you guessed it there's more... I will make a thread once I find where I should out it.

PS - I will link to this or post, in my detailed one. After that I think my china girl adventure ended before it began.
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