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Default Re: oil mixture on new motor break in? 80cc Chinese motor.

Hey 2door, Just my opinion, But theres no such thing as too much oil, That is untill you start fouling plugs or smoking too much. I've gone 16:1 or better on a BGF engine that I didn't really trust. Those cheap chinese bearings need all the lube they can get, especially for break in. And the mix is the ONLY lube they get. So, How much oil do you want on YOUR bearings?
Even now I'll run a little heavy on the mix in my personal build. My last BGF engine lasted through 3 bikes and over 4 years. But I also think the quality, even for BGF, has gone downhill since then.
Unless you're racing it and have to be very precise for for optimum power, A little extra oil in yer gas ain't gonna hurt nothin. BUT, like I said, Just my opinion.
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