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Default New - Building a Motor - Bike some basic ?s

Hello; New to the site, cool site, some great info. Like probably most of you I am interested in building (purchasing) a "Motor Bike" simply because they are cool, remind me of years ago, unique and affordable. I don't care about gas mileage or anything like that. I love anything with a motor and gears. I ride motorcycle, buy, sell and play with old cars and boats. I like the different or "non traditional" motorized collectables., e.g. I ride a Triumph to the local "Bike Nights" and drive a (trophy winning) 1975 Ford Maverick "Police Interceptor" to the car shows, got a couple of "T" shirts that say: "Everybody wants a Camaro" and "Anybody Can Ride A Harley". Don't get me wrong, love the Camaros and HD's and wouldn't pass up a good buy and had my share of HD's, just like the "non traditional" motorized stuff. So with that brief intro; few ?s for the group. Going to build me a motor bike...thinking of making it look like the old "Whizzer". I found many, many "engine kits" but the majority are "chain drive" and the "Whizzer" was "belt driven". So here are my ?s:

1. Is there an engine kit available which uses the (Whizzer) belt drive system?
2. If I was to buy and mount this on a newer bike, which model out there best looks like the old "Whizzer" model (appears to be the Schwinn or Huffy "Beach Cruiser" type)?

Hope to hear from a few of you and look forward to get going on this project.


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