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Default Re: bought cranberry 2 cycle 3 days ago/problems w/fuel

Originally Posted by MatCauthon137 View Post
i use opti-2, it's 100:1 with no break in ratio, and yes it really does work. I'm on my 4th build and this stuff has improved the performance of all my bikes and there's no smoke at all from the tail pipe.
i'm still on the first gallon of fuel on my first ever motorized bicycle with only 72 miles on her but i read the entire Opti 2 thread before i got the bike and that thread convinced me.

anyway, i took her out today for a ride and i opened her up a little hitting 33.82 MPH on a flat stretch of road, that's the fastest i've gone on her so far and there is still room under the throttle, not much, lol, but still, there is some. ...pretty awesome considering i'm 6 foot tall and just shy of 200 pounds.

the motor seems to run remarkably cool as well.

so yeah buddy! i'm an Opti 2 fan for sure!

peace, bozo
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