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Default Project: Mongoose Blackcomb Motorized Bicycle

Well, I've searched all over the internet... and I mean everywhere.

But I have been an owner of a Mongoose Blackcomb for about 5 years now and that was my main source of transportation from school, from work.. everything.

Then I got a truck and yata yata you know the rest. But I stumbled upon an engine kit for an 80cc motorized bicycle kit online and was interested in modifying my bike. But as I said.. I couldn't find anything about how to mount it or anything or seen any one else thats done it.

I was determined to accomplish such a feat. I've seen a ton of electric Blackcombs, but none with an engine.

So I made a bracket for the motor; the rear suspension did not allow for the motor to mount in the traditional under the center location of the typical V-Frame bikes. (you know what I mean.) The bracket went directly above the rear tire. The sprocket went in place of the rear brake rotor.

Some tinkering and such it was running quite well... except for the fact that the gas tank was lower than the gravity fed carb and gas wasn't making it, but I had a plan.

I drilled a hole in the gas cap, sealed off the vents, and got a pump to pressurize the fuel system. Now it may seem like it'd be a hazard driving around with a bomb between my legs, but the spring in the gas cap locking tab things become more of a regulator for fuel pressure. Handy at that..

But now.. I have Mongoose Blackcomb with an engine.. and can do about 28 mph without pushing the engine to its extreme brinks in this semi-hilly country.

But I'll upload a video with all the pictures and such so you can get a looksie.

Any other details that you wanna know, I'll do my best to explain what I did or answer any questions.. but I'm pretty proud of this contraption.
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