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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

Originally Posted by rossrider View Post
Dodge dude94, ya mine isnt leaking a drop, NOTHING, the petcock line and everything dry as a bone (of course that will change soon I'm I believe it dont need it, my motto dont fix it if it aint broke ...yet!! LOL And Toadmund I will keep that in mind thanks!!
Well, if it's not leaking don't fix it. But there is the possibility that it will leak, so have a roll of teflon tape laying around.
Originally Posted by rossrider View Post

After many curse words, a popped vein, busted knuckles, and many chuckles... Here is the end result!! ... SHE SHE SHE SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!! MY FIRST RIDE!!! SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!
Awww, aren't you just so cute! :P
Good job.
Originally Posted by rossrider View Post
OH and I looked it up, and have it gauged at 28 but what is the best gauge for the spark plug? Is that it?
I'm running mine at .030. NGK B7HS plug for my nice, hot Texas downhill speed runs.
Originally Posted by rossrider View Post
D gizzle: Thanks!!!! Do I get a certified ring? Paper? T shirt?... LOL!!!!
Road rash.
Originally Posted by d_gizzle View Post
The invoice from your next order of parts IS the certification! Once this hobby is hooked,its hard NOT to spend money.
I second this.
Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Well done! What a rush that first ride is.
Rush? lol
Mine was terrifying! lol Every other ride after that was getting easier. Now it's just like "oh, crap" when something goes wrong. XD

Congratz on your first successful ride! Once you've gotten it mostly broken in, LET IT RIP!!!!!
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