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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Lol, my electrical system is kind of a mess but it works. Here is how I have everything set up. I have 3 7.2v nicad batteries strapped to my luggage rack. One powers my brake light and the other two, wired in series, power my headlight. I have the ground cable for my headlight running to my fork. My brake light is automatically grounded because its metal. I have two wires running from each of my switches, one switch for my headlight and the other for my brake light, which is built into my brake lever. One wire from each switch is connected to the light it controls, and the other to the battery that powers it. I have a ground cable running from each battery to a separate grounding point, because I found that if I ground them both at the same place, one light or the other will not work. The batteries are connected to the wires via quick disconnects, so that I can easily remove the batteries. I charge them inside when they need charged. I have two chargers, one is a 5 hour charger and the other is a 15 minute charger.
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