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Default Re: Finally not so lonely!

OMG!!! I didn't even know there were bicycles named "Ross"!!!! NOW I want one!! Looks like an idea for a second bike is in effect after this one!! Thanks! LOL... I really didnt know.. Ross is my name and rider sounded good to me after it!?!..LOL gunna have to google some Ross bikes tho now!.. AND to answer your question, the awesome speedometer I purchased was off ebay, got it for 16.oo. Was looking for one that would count my miles and for speed, also wanted one that came with flippin instructions.. there are some neat ones out there but everyone I would email and ask if they came with installation directions they all said no (ok fine and dandy if you know how to already install them) but I didnt, so found this one that came with the instructions! LOVE IT!! LOL
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