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Default Hello Everyone

I'm new, obviously, maybe what you would refer to as a long time listener first time caller...
Anyway, I ordered a motor, an "EPA Certified" RAW 80cc, from Zone8Cycling with a 6 month warranty over Thanksgiving. And I am currently installing it.

Its been a heck of a time, I have a Specialized Hardrock mountain bike and the engine did not want to be friends... haha...*tear*...
But just like animals, you put them in the same room long enough and they work it out.

So s few questions if you don't mind

1. My engine is not perfectly straight on the frame as a result of every frame tube I have being formed and oversized... I got the engine on and the chain turns when I ride it, haven't been able to start it yet because I haven't finished the install, but is this ok?

2. How much active machining should be expected, if any, and is it ok if I see a small bit of shavings from chain rub on the casing after pedaling around the block to check alignment. I know from building karts this will work itself out but I am not used to these engines and their tolerances.

3. This is probably a super common issue from what I have seen, I feel like my clutch lever does not have enough "throw". I disengages and engages for now, but I feel like it should move more... is there a half engaged area i should worry about or is it a YES or No on the sprocket being engaged or not?

I'm in school for mechanical engineering, so i understand all this, I just didn't feel like taking the crankcase apart.

And one of my piston rings is cracked. I know its not a huge issue on a two stroke, but where can i get one piston ring?
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