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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
It happens to us and it really sucks that someone steals the bike.

I had 6,000 miles on my bike which I think I have pictures here of.

Thanks to my brother Tom I will have the money to construct a new bike.

I have some overhead to take out of the monies but I am looking at at least $1500 to work with.
It should get me started. I am sure after all the accessories I had I was closer to $3k invested than $2k but that is how it goes.

The up side is I could have completed the cleaning and the maintenance of the bike before it was stolen but I was lazy. It is out there without a chain tensioner and I hope with the chain so slack it locks up at high speed.

So this time out I think I will work smart.

I want you to suggest things please. I am out of the loop.

Here is what I do.

I ride 40 minutes each way to work at about 25 mph and I use my bile to do all my "driving" It is my car.

So it has to be able to go good.

I know of Jack-Shaft and I know it can be a problem from what people say.

The Idea would be a 4-stroke and even jack-shaft if it can be done right and will last.

I would be buying all new and can do a 2-stroke again so that is cool.

What do you suggest?

4-stroke what motor? What engine mount?
Jack-shaft the key here is the most dependable and easy to repair.

I ride long stretches in the country so I can be easy on it and speed would be best if keep it under 35 but to be able to gear down for a hill is very attractive if I have a 4-stroke.

So any suggestions on good but affordable frame, The engine if 4-stroke should last so which one?
To Jack-shaft or not?

I know I need heavy duty wheels and I will want disc breaks.

The first then is the power train.

Okay.. As you may guess I am still shaken to have my bike stolen from my yard in the middle of the day. I am taking steps to change that.

Thanks for you help. This is a Bike emergency.

P.S. We need some animation that shows a guy seeing his bike is stolen.
I hate thieves! I ride my bumblebeebolton to work everyday and the engine slides right off the bike in 2secs. I had someone steal my bike with out the engine on it. its ok though karma will get them back for me..I hope everything works out for ya..
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