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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Went to replace the hardware on the engine studs on the cruiser, only to discover that the nuts I picked up are the right size, wrong pitch. Oh well, torqued the head down with the old nuts and fired it up. After a quick run around the block, it had smoking black gunk on the top of the jug, so I figured the head gasket hadn't held. Wiped it all down and took it down the length of the back lane and back so it would show me the leak, but it stayed clean.

Checked the flange of the exhaust at the jug and sure enough, there was a drip. Wiped it off, and put a bit of a twist on the exhaust bracket, about a quarter turn on the nuts and went around the block again. Nothing from the head or exhaust now, so I took it for a slightly longer ride. Held steady at 33 kph / 20 mph on a long uphill curve, hit 56 kph / 34.8 mph at one point. Checked when I got back to the garage and I don't see any drips around the head or exhaust. Knock on wood, hoping I've got that now. I was going to go for a longer run, but I started feeling rain so I turned around.


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