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Default GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

Ok, so I've been going back and forth and back and forth on my decision about what engine to choose for my setup and for a while I was leaning towards the pocket bike motor but now after realizing their poor fuel economy and getting opinions about their reliability I'm beginning to lean back towards the GXH50. I've already ordered several parts for my setup and if I don't want to go to a far greater expense I need to figure out some way to get this clutch and this housing to mount to the GXH50. I think I saw or was sent a link to a company that had an adapter of sorts to allow clearance for the shaft but I can't find it and I also believe it was quite expensive. I'm also considering the Titan as well and if that housing would bolt right up it would make a big difference in my decision. The only thing is that the Titan is only like $30 cheaper than the Honda and I prefer names with H's in them for some reason..

Thanks again and as always any help is greatly appreciated!
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