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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

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Unfortunately, the system is set up so that they have the upper hand. They make it very easy (compared to fighting the ticket) to just plead guilty and pay for the ticket, yet you have to jump through hoops and back to fight for what is right. If its not too late, you may considering fighting this ticket. I'm no lawyer, but you seem to have a valid reason for riding on the sidewalk.

Regardless if you win or lose, its a great experience in seeing how the judicial system really works. I've gone to court to fight all of my traffic tickets and it has always turned out to be worth the time. Good Luck!
Odds are you lose anyway......I have sat through many court sessions and odds are not good, as long as the majority of the people "feel" safe and secure the so called judicial system can do anything it wants. Where are the kick backs coming from? Direct or indirect.See my logic on previous post.
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