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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

It doesn't sound to me like he took the bike to make a profit from it. It sounds like the theft itself was the primary goal, and vandalism was the secondary goal, and both these things were decided before the bike was taken. Only the thief knows for sure, but he tossed an expensive speedo in the dirt a block from the house. I wouldn't even toss a cheap speedo in the dirt if it worked properly. Then he took a hammer to the clutch and the throttle. Yes, he took some accessories and the tool kit. I bet if the police search his property or residence, they will find them. It sounds to me like he took the bike out of an impulse to steal, but also wanted to do some damage to it. He vandalized the bike, then decided to take the accessories and the tool kit. He got caught because the thrill was over, and he was too stupid and careless to avoid getting caught. Maybe he even wanted to get caught. Who really knows? I'm glad that you got your bike back, and I hope that when you rebuild it, you enjoy it even more than you did before.
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