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Default Re: Traffic Ticket fine in Los Angeles..ridiculous!

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
Unfortunately if you go to court then there is "court costs" besides the time you spend.....
Yep, if you fight the charge it gets even more expensive but that's the tricK see to deter you from going to court. Pay the fine now (discount), online (there's a fee for the privilege) or telephone either way they got YOUR money...go to court (court fees) then pay more money on top of fine and "assesment/penaly fees". Lose Lose of us WIN WIN FOR THEM. THE DECK IS STACKED, THE GAME IS RIGGED AND THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CHOSE WHO GETS TO PLAY, AND EVENTUALLY YOU WILL PLAY. WAKE UP!!!! Don't pay? get a warrant, insurance company gets more money from you in higher premiums. That's right even if you were not driving your car. Hmmmm me thinks insurance companies had a hand in writing the laws. Oh yes!!! fellow bikers and the insurance companies will know if you had a ticket, they have a dedicated system connected to the DMV to tell them so.How do you think they can give you quotes in 3 minutes or online? If insurance is mandatory for all drivers, and the state colludes with them. Isn't the state making money for the insurance companies in a indirect way? So here's how it boils pay taxes to the state...the state enforces its laws.....the state says you must have insurance....the state provides your ticket info to the insurance companies...they charge you more when you get a ticket.....SO YOU ARE PAYING THE STATE TO MAKE MORE MONEY FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. THAT'S PAYING TO PAY MORE EVENTUALLY (Insurance is an eventually thing). Are the insurance companies non-profit? NO! Is there a way around this YES!.......BUT YOU can't afford it..... to be able to bond yourself. They GOTCHA!!!! making it non-affordable for the average citizen.They say insurance is for everybody's protection, yet when you file you get the "run around" and sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay your damages "depending on the fine print" and their interpretation of the contract......even if you faithfully paid your insurance bill every month. Look at the Oakridge earthquake, look at Katrina, look at the fires in Cali. WAKE UP! That's right we are being scammed. Here's my solution......non-profit insurance company, still monitoring drivers but if you had a DUI 10 years ago and been a safe driver since you should have a reasonable rate. No Fees, no extra premiums, no bs.
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