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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

The Police knocked on my door at 1:45AM this morning and told me they found my bike and would bring it to me in about 10 minutes. The officer told me they arrested a man in connection.

It was raped and they took a hammer to the clutch handle and the expensive throttle. You know they threw the expensive cateye spedo in the dirt just a block from my house? I mean how stupid can you get?

Naturally the $200 head light is gone. The Airzone air horn gone. the spare parts, tools and emergency kit gone.

The worth of the bike wasn't a headlight or a tool kit it was the whole unit as a machine. You can't buy a well made motorized bicycle for the kind of money I actually spent learning what was good from what was bad in parts and configurations. Also they cazn't begin to understand the hours spent not only by myself working on it but the friend's help and the machine shop time spent.
I have a mini-handle bar where I had accessories mounted such as the CatEye Spedo and I had to have the mount for it custom made and that alone was $80.

I started this thinking that bike was gone forever but it is back and I will rebuild and switch to heavy chain in the yard.

The Police arrested a Man too. Looks like he will spend some time in jail.

Here I sit at a Coffee shop having a breakfast sandwich and coffee and that guy is remembering the oatmeal and orange he got this morning sitting in his cell.

It's funny that at this moment PeeWee Herman's

Hilarious scene of Pee Wee Herman walking into a biker bar....and the mayhem begins!

So, I have it back. It has been raped and damaged but the basics are there.
It looks like $500 to $600 will be needed to get it back to the machine it had become.

Thank you all for your time to read and the support you gave.

Take a moment to share the thought that a motorized bicycle thief has been caught and a motorized bicycle returned. I share this with you all.


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