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Smile Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I de-cluttered my on-bike tool kit. Now I have room for tacos on my ride home :-) I found a couple interesting route maps for bicycle or motorized bicycle rides. I trimmed the reflective tape on my cargo box to look like a brake light from some kind of japanese mc.

Here's a google pic kind of like what I was thinking of
(large photo on a mc. )

I had two red stripes on the box, but thought they might look like a certain controversial political sign hahhah. It's just supposed to look like a brake light.

I think I will add another duplicate battery powered rear light on the other suspension strap. It was only $5 or $10 and doesn't eat batteries.

I plan on hosting a 20mile motorized bicycle ride in Dallas (following the 20mi Tour Dallas route I rode this year in my ride video. It was fun, but I will like riding it without having to slow up for bicycle tourists (speed limits are around 30, on city streets and residential streets).
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